About us

We embarked on our journey in 2018 when we sought market making (MM) services for our token project. Encountering numerous unreliable MM services and a lack of comprehensive knowledge, we recognized the need for expertise in this area.
With our background in the crypto world, we understand what it takes for a crypto project to succeed, having experienced both sides. Consequently, we initiated MM services for our own token, which proved successful.
Clients in 2023
Average Monthly Revenue
CEXs Support
$3 Billion
Yearly traded Volume
Over the years, we have obtained extensive, valuable connections with exchanges and KeyOpinion Leaders (KOLs). Our team in 2024 has grown to over 50 highly skilled professionals, our most valuable asset acquired over time.
24/7 Monitoring
Crypto markets never sleep, our team of traders operates 24/7 ensuring round-the clock market-making coverage. You can follow the succes of your token on TheMaker DASHBOARD.
Customized MM strategies
Our clients benefit from personalized account management and access to customized MM strategies enhanced by KOL and EXCHANGE LISTING.
Over 100 Clients in 2023
With TheMaker help, our clients consistently achieve their financial targets. In 2023 more that 50 clients partnered with us to earn profits.
$200,000 Average Monthly Revenue of our Clients
Our clients have made an 200,000$ average revenue on monthly basis.
We support over 100 CEXs
We work on ByBit, Binance, OKX, Houbi, Kucoin, MEXC, Gate, Coinbase and many more. Integration done in just 48h.
NON Custodial
Trust is everything in a partnership, that's why our procesess are non custodial. You stay in control of your tokens.
$3 Billion Yearly traded Volume
Trated volume in 2023. If you're market is experiencing low trading volumes, we will attract organic traders to revive it.
Price Action and Range Zones approach
Acquire a tailored market development plan for your token, crafted by our team of skilled traders at TheMaker. Our unique approach combines Price Action analysis with Range Zones to maximize potential opportunities.
3 Office Locations
We have 3 office locations, two in Slovenia and one in Germany.
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