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When you partner with TheMaker you get direct acess to a selection of 300+ vetted and tested  Key Opinion Leaders. 
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KOL Advanteges
We guide you in picking the ideal match for your financial plan and who will have the most significant contribution to your project progress for planned budget. We snychronize market making with marekting calendar to achieve best entry point and liquidation of tokens. 
List of 300+ KOL
(Vetted and tested)
Direct Acess
Personalised KOL
(Based on your project)
Maximum outreach
Coordinated MM & KOL
No fee
KOL service process
Budget & Goals
Define goals and budget you have allocated for KOL campaigns. Is your goal Token sale, Price Increase, Token Recognition, Price Support, Partnerships etc.
Research and Evaluation
Our team evaluates KOLs based on various metrics, including follower count, engagement rate, content quality, and audience interaction, ensuring their influence resonates effectively with your project's goals.
Personalized Outreach
 Utilizing tailored messaging, we initiate contact with selected KOLs, highlighting the synergies between their expertise and your project's objectives.
Negotiate Collaboration
We facilitate discussions to negotiate collaboration terms, including compensation, content requirements, promotional schedules, and mutual expectations.
Performance Tracking
track the performance of KOL collaborations via TheMaker LiveDashboard.
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