TheMaker Review 2024

Market markers are an inevitable part of bringing stability to a volatile market like the crypto market. However, amongst so many choices, picking the right market maker can often become overwhelming. You fully can’t understand the pros and cons unless you try them.
So, after thorough testing, here we are with a review of TheMaker, a rising crypto market-making platform, and why we think it is worth your money.

Who Is TheMaker Ideal For?

The ideal user base of TheMaker is diverse, to say the least. From individuals who are fairly new to trading to those with high net worth and institutions, TheMaker’s global team is there to serve them all.

Why Should You Choose TheMaker?

Here are the top five reasons to call TheMaker a good crypto market maker.

1. Using Strategies That Are Proven To Be Good

TheMaker believes in only going with the strategies that have proven track records.
Even if they come up with new ones, they ensure that the strategies are tested on a smaller scale and have a good success rate.
This is a great aspect for investors as they have transparency about what they are getting into.

2. Personalization At Its Best

In case you feel the strategies are templatized and need to be adjusted with your goals, you can do that too. A team of experts will reach out to you and curate a completely personalized strategy.
The process may seem overwhelming for a newbie trader, but it isn’t. The communication from their end is very transparent, and they give a proper rationale behind choosing the strategy. It is rather a great opportunity to learn and grow your knowledge while also growing your money.

3. Accessible To Global Users

Not only does TheMaker deal with all sorts of tokens, but they are also available globally. There are some big names in the business that are not licensed in countries like the U.S. But that is not an issue with TheMaker.

4. No Hidden Charges

The majority of the market-making platforms, in one way or another, charge you extra, but that is not the case with TheMaker.
It is truly a one-time investment. You only pay the basic fee and forget about any overhead charges or commission-based charges. Whatever profit you make will 100% be yours.

5. Makes Trading Easy With Trading Algorithms

TheMaker believes in leveraging the power of technology, which is why most of their market-making executions are fully automated. It not only saves their time, but there’s no doubt that automated market-making is much more efficient and precise than the regular way.
Automation also comes with benefits like reducing the chances of slippage and providing traders with more stable prices.

Notable Highlights Of TheMaker

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, here are two notable features that help TheMaker stand out in the crowd of crypto market makers.

1. Balance Protector

The balance protector is a great feature for those with low-risk appetites. With the help of this feature, you can set a balance limit, and once you hit that, the trading algorithm stops automatically.
It makes sure you are not spending more than you intended, and even though everything is automated, the control remains in your hand.

2. Specific Exchange

The option of a specific exchange takes the facility of customization one notch higher. You can choose to trade in any exchange of your choice, and TheMaker team will adapt to your needs.
However, you need to choose an exchange that supports API order connection. But that should not be a problem since most of the leading exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Bitfinex, Huobi, FTX, Gemini and many more fall under that category.

Our Verdict

Overall, TheMaker gets a four out of five rating. Some of its biggest pros include flexibility of customization and transparent prices and policies. The business has not been involved in any major hacking or fraudulent incidents, which is one of the biggest issues with businesses associated with crypto.
TheMaker has a global presence that provides users with better exposure and competitive quotes on various exchanges. Their claims are not unreasonable like some other crypto market makers, which makes them more reliable and trustworthy.
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